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Dancers/performers sought to make an unusual site work for September/October 2017.   The work is PAID and not dependent on funding applications.

The Landings will use a 5km by 2km hinterland on the North Somerset coastline containing railway lines, vast fields, beach chalets, small copses, farms, straightened rivers, tracks and power lines.  We are looking for performers of ALL AGES, from 18 years all the way up (!), to fill a number of gaps (some substantive, some less so) amongst a cast of 15 to 20.

We’re curious to meet:

  • Performers with a natural draw towards site work.  You’ll be engaging an audience in close proximity who’ll be exercising choice about what they stay with and what they leave behind.
  • Performers with an interest in working in parity with experienced young performers, most of whom will be under 12 years – perhaps take a look at the work of Kabinet K and Seppe Baeyens.
  • Autonomous, thoughtful makers, with a love of presence, who enjoy fresh and evolving performance scenarios.

We make slowly rather than quickly, thus you’ll need to be available for most of the following dates:

  • Saturday 1 April to Saturday 8 April/Sunday 9 April: first 5 R&D days in this gap depending on availability
  • Monday 22 May to Friday 2 June: further 10 days in this gap depending on availability
  • A further week in June/July: TBC
  • Monday 24 July to Friday 11 August
  • Saturday 2 September to Friday 15 September
  • PERFORMANCES: Saturday 16 September through to Sunday 8 October (dependent on tides)

We can offer some flexibility regarding rehearsals given we’ll make in cluster groups until early September 2017.  This is a paid opportunity.  We will provide accommodation and cover travel costs where necessary.

If you’d like become part of The Landings, please send your CV plus a note explaining your interest to and by Tuesday 21 February.  Selected performers will be invited to spend a day with us in Porlock, North Somerset on Sunday 26 February or in London on Sunday 5 March – both days will run from 11 am to 5 pm.  These will be days of exchange as well as selection!

Fiona Fraser-Smith, our producer, will let you whether or not we can invite you to one of the selection days by Wednesday 22 February.  Do get in touch if you have questions, and please ask if you need help with travel expenses.

Stacked Wonky is a led by Artistic Director, Sarah Shorten, buoyed up and inspired by a very strong group of performers, designers, musicians, mentors and makers of all sorts.  We have been quietly and independently making site work/commissions for over 10 years – Trafalgar Square, Clovelly Court Estate, Museum of Childhood etc – resurfacing with “Liberator”, a box-set of four site episodes performed in the Vale of Porlock in 2015.

Further information:

Photos: Rod Higginson